Action Beat ’em Up ‘Irresponsible Schoolgirl Simulator’ Gets Demo Build Update With Kickstarter Window

O.T.K Games released a sizeable developer blog with video today showing off their action beat ’em up Irresponsible Schoolgirl Simulator, in development for PC.

In the blog, the developer showed off a demo build of the game that they put together to test out certain aspects of gameplay. While the team has many assets and features that have not been implemented into this build, they mentioned that it does give a good idea of movement between areas and navigate the environment.

The video also shows off some of the beat ’em up portions where they execute combos, dashes, and double jumps. The developer also walked into the apartment of the two main characters where players will set up base.

Last, the developer noted that a Kickstarter is planned for November, so we’ll keep you updated on that. They also mentioned that the console version of The Vagrant is still be worked on by publisher Rainy Frog who is finishing up the Xbox One version.

Irresponsible Schoolgirl Simulator is a simulation action game where players will control one of two main characters seeking vengeance over a man who landed them in juvie. While progressing the narrative through story missions, players are also able to live their high school life around the city. This includes taking part-time jobs, dating boys, or girls, becoming a hostess, underground fighter, competitive eater, and even becoming a bad guy.

You can watch the developer video and demo walkthrough below:

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