Iron Harvest 1920+ Brings Mechs to WWI to Create Some Interesting Moments of Gameplay

During PAX East 2020, we talked to Tobias Stolz-Zwilling PR manager for Iron Harvest 1920+ by developer King Art Games and published by Deep Silver.

Tobias described the world and lore behind the game as an alternate universe taking place during World War I, where giant mechs replace tanks. Initially, these mechs were created with benevolent intentions, but various military factions weaponized them for war.

There are three factions in this universe you can play as Polania, Rusviet, and Saxony. Tobias explained the Rusviet and Saxony began fighting each other on Polania’s territory, inevitably involving them in their conflict. Each faction plays completely different, having unique materials and weapons to work from. Tobias went into detail about each faction. Polania utilizes guerrilla tactics with weaker weapons and the ability to mass-produce, Rusviets have powerful mechs, but a lower defense and Saxony are somewhere in between these two for a more balanced faction.

Iron Harvest is a term used during World War I when farmers would return to their fields to find remains of weapons and tanks were strewn across their land. Tobias described that harvesting the iron found is a crucial part of the gameplay. Once you destroy mechs, you can utilize their remains for resources.

Iron Harvest 1920 + is set for a release of September 1, 2020, on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

You can watch our interview with Tobias below to learn more about Iron Harvest 1920+:

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