Grimdark Fantasy RPG ‘Iratus: Lord of the Dead’ Set to Launch Into Steam Early Access; Gets an Announcement Trailer

You might recall that we shared that Daedalic Entertainment was planning to reveal six new titles and we were curious about the studio’s unannounced RPG. Well, we have the scoop on that RPG as Daedalic Entertainment and new development studio Unfrozen have announced the new dark fantasy tactical RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead. The new title is set to launch into Early Access this summer on Steam.

In Iratus: Lord of the Dead, players assume the role of the resurrected necromancer Iratus who is trapped inside a dark dungeon prison and seeks vengeance against those who imprisoned him. Getting thrown dungeon prison doesn’t sound like much fun, so I don’t blame Iratus for wanting to get some sweet vengeance.

Players will use enemies they vanquish to craft up deadly monsters for their very own army, which can be customized and controlled. The more enemies killed, the better as Iratus’ power will grow stronger with multiple alchemy, magic, and tactical talents to unlock and unleash. All in all, there will also be more than 50 unique skills to choose from, so players will have plenty of options to make Iratus one insanely powerful necromancer.

Enemies, however, won’t go down without a fight as Iratus: Lord of the Dead will have players take part in challenging turn-based battles. Killing everything in sight doesn’t seem like the best option, though, since when defeated minions perish in battle they vanish from the game forever, so players will need to proceed carefully. With permadeath thrown into the mix, players will have to learn the strengths and weaknesses of all enemies faced or simply die trying.

Get a quick look at how dark and challenging Iratus: Lord of the Dead will be by checking out the announcement trailer and screenshots below:

Author’s take: Getting some Darkest Dungeon vibes with this one, which is a very, very good thing. 

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