Investigation Visual Novel ‘Kara No Shojo’ Makes Its Way to Steam

MangaGamer announced earlier today that they have re-released Innocent Grey’s adult visual novel Kara no Shojo onto steam. This occurrence is likely due to Valve’s somewhat recent guideline changes, in which the platform has reportedly become more open to explicit content

Kara no Shojo was originally released in Japan back in 2008, with MangaGamer purchasing a fan-translation to use as the official English release when they brought it officially to the west in June 2011.

The title is a murder mystery set during post-world war II Japan in 1956, starring private investigator Reiji Tokisaka. Reiji is looking into a series of murders that appear to be similar to a string of serial murders which occurred six years ago, which claimed the life of his fiancée. On top of this Reiji is also hired by a girl, Toko Kuchiki, who requests Reiji find ‘her true self’ and the vice-principal of a local girl’s school, Saeki Tokio, to investigate the disappearance of two young women.

As Reiji, the player has reportedly near-total control as to how the story unfolds, with the effectiveness of your deductions and investigative work influencing whether or not you, the player, can put together all the facts in time.

Kara no Shojo is available on steam or through MangaGamer’s online store.

To promote the steam launch, the title will be 30% off until the end of October. The promotional movie (from 2011) can be found below.

Author’s Take: If I knew this game existed, I would have bought it so long ago you don’t even know. A murder mystery where your effectiveness impacts the story? Sign me the hell up please!

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