VR Psycho Thriller ‘Intruders: Hide and Seek’ Has Launched; Gets a Spooky Launch Trailer

Be afraid, be very afraid … Daedalic Entertainment and Tessera Studios have released the VR psycho thriller Intruders: Hide and Seek for PlayStation VR. The game is available digitally and in stores for $19.99, and will be published on Steam with VR support this winter. There’s the phrase, “you can run, but you can’t hide”, but for Intruders, I think it’s best to change the phrase to “you can run, but really you should hide or else you’ll die”.

Intruders makes full use of the VR genre’s strengths to immerse you into a hostage drama set in a spooky forest. Through the eyes of young Ben, you are forced to watch three mysterious burglars threaten your family in their secluded holiday home — so kind of think of it as an intense Home Alone VR game. As Ben, all you can do is run away and hide since Ben doesn’t, you know, have a full arsenal of weapons and all that. If you want to uncover the villains’ secret and save his family, it’s up to you to make sure Ben never gets detected since if he does, well, he’s dead meat.

Safely step into Ben’s shoes by watching the Intruders launch trailer below:

Author’s take: I miss playing hide-and-seek, but Intruders: Hide and Seek is one crazy game of hide-and-seek that looks and sounds absolutely frightening. 

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Brad Crespo

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