Inside Final Fantasy VII Reveals Midgar’s Design Was Inspired by a Pizza and More

Square Enix is continuing their video series by launching Inside Final Fantasy VII, which introduces fans to the developers who worked on the game as they reflect on key moments during the game’s development.

It’s a pretty interesting video series as the developers recall a time 20 years ago. The team strives to make each Final Fantasy better than the previous one, but they wanted to push whatever they could with this entry given that they were going from 2D graphics to 3D. This was a tough call because they assumed players preferred the 2D graphics that were in V and VI.

The team also speaks about the opening movie and not wanting to spoil the scenes that they really love. Tragedy shadows the game’s story and the developers speak about their feelings about how these scenes have stuck with them over the years.

A funnier moment is when Art Director Yusuke Naora admitted that he couldn’t get Midgar’s design right, and one night he was eating a pizza with a friend when he thought, “that’s it!” He rushed to the team and might have caused some delays, but he knew that this was the right direction for the opening city.

In case you missed it, check out the first entry in the series about Final Fantasy IX, also you can take a look at our review of Final Fantasy VII on Switch.

Watch the video below:

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