Indivisible Reveals Multiplayer Mode and Other Updates During Anime Expo 2019

During Anime Expo 2019, developer Lab Zero hosted a panel to talk about an update to the development of their Metroidvania RPG Indivisible.

Up until today, the game has been considered to be a single-player only title. However, the developer took a moment to reveal a new multiplayer mode in the game where up to four players will be able to jump on the same game and control their own character. At this time, the multiplayer mode is local only and online multiplayer is not planned.

Additionally, the multiplayer mode will allow players to control their own character, but only the first player will be able to talk to NPCs and trigger enemies. While this is still early in development, the team showed off the mode by bringing four characters on the screen brought up by a different controller. The multiplayer mode will extend into battles as well as exploration in the game. The mode is currently referred to as “No Promises Mode” because the publisher might make them change it, but for now fans can get excited. The mode was made to mimic retro RPGs like Secret of Mana.

Additionally, the developer announced other updates made to the game. During combat, players will be able to counter attacks from enemies before entering a battle. When approaching an enemy they will attack, but players have the opportunity to block and counter to add damage before entering the combat screen. Combat plays like a turn-based RPG where each character unleashes a unique attack. Having characters attack together will cause higher damage to enemies. Attacks are tied to a combo system with up, down, left, and right attacks, which each do various actions.

More information about the multiplayer and other updates made to the game will be announced leading up to the game’s release.

Indivisible is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam in 2019.

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