Indie RPG ‘Insurgence: Second Assault’ Gets Steam Release Date

YSY Softworks announced that the Platonic Game Studio-developed adventure RPG Insurgence: Second Assault will launch on PC-via Steam on February 20.

Insurgence: Second Assault is a sequel to the developer’s 2018 release Insurgence: Chains of RenegadeHowever, this title tells the story from a viewpoint of different characters and factions. Throughout the story, players will learn about the region of Aereon, which has been divided into three kingdoms, the Empire of Aereon, Imralia Rebellion, and the Union of Rochefort.

Players will make their way through the game’s narrative from the perspective of two different characters, Alissya and Ressa Lauretilion. Alissya is currently on a quest to find her sister and she is accompanied by a girl named Rea. While Tressa is a knight who has been assigned to lead the war against Imralia with her friends Sara. Both stories are connected through various means.

During gameplay, players will be able to fight enemies in a classical turn-based battle system. The game features music from the composer of the Ar Tonelico and Atelier series Ken Nakagawa. The game has a classic RPG aesthetic as players will be able to explore the region as well as dungeons.

You can check out some screenshot of the title below:

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Leif Conti-Groome

Senior Editor