Indie Action Adventure ‘Kamiko’ Gets Surprise PS4 Launch Later This Week

Flyhigh Works announced that the Skipmore-developed action-adventure game, Kamiko, will launch on PlayStation 4-via the PSN on March 19 in North America, a Europian release date will come soon.

In Kamiko, players will need to fight their way to the end of dungeons by solving puzzles and fighting demons. Each stage has several “Torii”, or gates, which are magically sealed. In order to get to the boss, players will need to figure out how to open these seals. These seals are passed by solving light puzzles and navigating the game’s environment.

The game features pixel art graphics set in a bright world. The game also features multiple characters to select who each bring a unique skill to the battle. These weapons are empowered with magic and can cause high amounts of damage. Levels more or less play out like a classic Zelda title where players will need to clear out enemies using an overhead view.

Kamiko launched last year on PC, and in 2017 on Nintendo Switch. The game has since garnered over 290k after the Steam launch, which is surprisingly high for such a niche adventure game, but exciting to see.

In case you want to seem more of the game, you can watch the Switch launch trailer below:

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