Horror Adventure ‘In Nightmare’ Gets PS4 and PS5 Release Date Set for March With New Gameplay Trailer

Maximum Games announced they’ll publish the Magic Fish Studio-developed puzzle adventure horror game, In Nightmare, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 29, 2022.

The publisher has also confirmed that a physical release of the game will be available and can be pre-ordered now from their website.

A new trailer was released to give players a preview of the puzzle and adventure elements. The game requires players to avoid creatures that spawn around every corner, with new challenges added as progression is made.

During gameplay, players assume the role of a young boy who has closed himself off from everything and falls into a deep sleep, where nightmares come to life and haunt him. The game is narrative-driven, with moments of dialogue that depict the boy taking on his fears and revealing what is in his heart. The struggle between his desire for darkness and the cause will be a significant plot point through the adventure.

Players will need to explore to figure out various puzzles and get through each section. However, there are creatures that act as obstacles. Players will need to move boxes and interact with switches to progress.

We’ll be sure to cover the development and release of In Nightmare.

For now, you can check out the new trailer below:

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