In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Vol. 1 Review – Isekai Needs More Than a Harem

    Title: In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Vol. 1
    Author: Patora Fuyuhara
    Release Date: April 13, 2021
    Publisher: Yen Press

These isekai stories are becoming more and more grandiose with their fantasy worlds and protagonists. The manga adaptation of In Another World With My Smartphone Vol. 1 is here, and let me tell you; it’s decent. While I’m used to the protagonists of this genre being overpowered and well-liked, this one goes a little far.

In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Vol. 1 2

In Another World With My Smartphone Vol. 1 begins with an accident where God has mistakingly killed Touya Mochizuki. To repay him, God has promised to send him to start a new life in a fantasy world, and Touya has asked if he could take his phone with him. Along with that, God has given him enhanced abilities and access to a large amount of mana to utilize magical abilities.

From there, Touya is transported to a new world that roughly resembles his own and makes friends by flexing his skills. He is basically this powerhouse for no significant reason who has access to every magical ability, which is considered rare. He also becomes rich, and there’s absolutely no tension created because he handles everything so easily. Everyone around him is either amazed or subtly annoyed that he’s so strong.

In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Vol. 1 3

This concept of him just stumbling on his new powers casually throughout the manga became overused quickly. There were just so many coincidences that made it just about this boy who went around helping people without any real goal in mind. We learn very little about him or the supporting cast, so I’m not sure if his attitude is just him trying to be this normal guy or if he’s hiding something.

Nothing is explained outside of a few rules of the world, which has me wanting to continue if only to see where this story goes. We know about a few regions and how people make money, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that stands in Touya’s way. The Volume even ends with the most positive conclusion making me think, “Okay, he’s in the best position possible; why should I continue?”

In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Vol. 1 1

In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Vol. 1 has some cute characters and an overpowered protagonist with a smartphone in a fantasy world. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but other entries in this genre at least give us some tension to keep us reading. Touya has it all figured out; as his wallet fills up and his harem grows. Maybe I’m just jealous, but I gotta see some character growth in the next volume if I’m going to stick with it.


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