Little Sister Visual Novel ‘Imouto Paradise 3’ Gets Western Release Date

MangaGamer announced that the Moonstone Cherry-developed little sister romance visual novel Imouto Paradise 3 will release on PC-via MangaGamer on February 13. Yes, you can spend Valentine’s day with some little sisters.

Imouto Paradise 3 continues the long-running series with even more romance and comedic situations for players to discover. The story follows the cousins of the original six characters after the series’ main protagonist Nanase’s parents are away. This ends up meaning that some unexpected and haphazard events between him and his sisters are about to unfold. Throughout the story, players will be able to make choices during dialog as they interact with the sisters and eventually become romantically closer to them.

Given that the characters are alone, it seems the sisters have it out for Nanase as much as he has it for them, which creates some tension within the household. Each sister has a unique personality and kink, so the most important choice is going to be which one will he end up with.

Imouto Paradise 3 is an adult visual novel that features many h-scenes, but the overall tone of the “story” is kept comedic.

I would love to share screenshots with you, but they all depict h-scenes, so you’ll have to go to the MangaGamer website to see them. However, the game is going to release uncensored and mosaic free.

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