Imouto Paradise 3 Review – God Forgive Us

    Title: Imouto Paradise 3
    Developer: Moonstone
    Release Date: February 14, 2020
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: MangaGamer
    Genre: Eroge

Okay, we all know why we’re here, so let’s just get through this, and we can go about our delinquent lives. The Imouto Paradise series isn’t trying to shy away from what it is, but with this newest entry, the developer is creating a universe for the Nanase household. For or better or for worse, fans can expect plenty more tongue in cheek moments between the main protagonist and his cousins.

Imouto Paradise 3 opens with Yuuichi Nanase dreaming of getting closer to his five cousins. It’s summer break, and his parents are out of town, leaving him alone with them. Yuuichi doesn’t seem to really hold back the feelings that he has for his family members, as he is slightly forward with them. In the beginning, he pretty much spills his guts for one of his cousins, Sakura, but she doesn’t really seem to follow.

The writers seem to have put in as much story as they possibly could in this entry of the series as readers find themselves in the household of the characters from the first title. Yes, this means that these girls Yuuichi are fantasizing about are the daughters of the sisters from the previous game and thus making the household a haven for incest. While it’s not openly allowed, the heroines find themselves in plenty of close interactions with Yuuichi, which comes off rather convenient after for fourth or fifth time he just randomly finds himself getting romantic with one of them.

Imouto Paradise 3 4

As for the story itself, it sticks close to the previous entries and comes off like they are recycling content. This is further seen in the character archetypes themselves, who closely resemble whoever their mom is. This would be more noticeable had the artist of the series not changed for this entry, which gives the characters a more defined cartoonish look about them.

Nothing happens in the story that doesn’t lead to Yuuichi hooking up with one, if not multiple, of his cousins. However, there is plenty of plot within the game where the writers do their best to make you care about the characters until you remember that they are related, so maybe you shouldn’t care too much. Still, each route features scenes between all of the characters, even if the route focuses on one of the five characters. This only makes the routes feel a bit more well-rounded in terms of wholesome content, that is, until the h-scenes come into play, which they most definitely do.

Imouto Paradise 3 2

After the opening of the game, readers are introduced to all the cousins. Following the opening scenes, players can decide which girl to spend time with. Even though you are given a choice each day, you can pretty much just spend each playthrough choosing one girl over and over to unlock all of her scenes. There isn’t a specific order to go in or anything, so unlocking CGs comes naturally here without them being dictated by your choices.

Each character brings in their own respective problem to overcome and how Yuuichi can help them out. Most of these issues lead to them getting together, but there is a range of possibilities here. Depending on your preference, you’ll definitely find something that interests you, but it doesn’t branch too far into the kink pool. I mean, now that I think about it, this whole cousin thing is probably a kink on its own, so anything outside of that is just getting greedy.

Most of the CGs in this game contains h-content, which means you probably won’t be seeing in any of them in this review. Still, if you are interested in a game like this than these scenes are probably all you care about. That said, I’m happy to report that the illustrations for the CGs are awesome. Each scene is different, and the illustrators got as creative as they could while still keeping them pretty vanilla.

Imouto Paradise 3 3

One thing Imouto Paradise 3 does well over other h-games is that a handful of scenes for each girl is animated. It’s this added layer of quality that makes the game better. The story is rather long, with my playthrough lasting around 23 hours, but the consistent quality of the illustrations does well to break up the lengthy story sections. Luckily, the voiced audio for the characters is top-notch and makes the more comical scenes that much more enjoyable.

I didn’t really enjoy how straight forward the game was and felt that something was missing after I completed all the routes. I would have preferred a replayability feature where I was able to unlock new CGs. I also felt that the post-credits conclusion for some of the characters were lacking in terms of added any substantial story to the relationship.

Imouto Paradise 3 1

Imouto Paradise 3 presents some interesting things with its story and does its best to make it seem like it’s more than just a typical h-game. However, the personalities of the characters aren’t unique, so most of the time, you feel as though you’ve read this before, which might make some readers miss any of the story’s more compelling moments.

Regardless, if you’ve read this far, then you know why you’re here, the h-scenes. So, if that’s the case, then you are getting some pretty high-quality content within this game that makes it stand out in the sea of others out there. Still, if you can’t get passed the family part of it, then this might not be for you at all.

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