Immortals of Aveum Launches Major Update Featuring New Game+ & Performance Improvements; Demo Available

Electronic Arts has announced that The Echollector Update ( for the Ascendant Studios-developed FPS action-adventure Immortals of Aveum is now live, and a free trial is currently available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Additionally, a PC demo is available on Steam.

Players can anticipate performance improvements, quality-of-life changes, New Game+, the Grand Magnus difficulty, a new progression path with four endgame Shatterfanes, and a new boss battle.

This update adds plenty to the gameplay experience, with the major features listed below:

  • Endgame Content: Continue Jak’s adventure in the new gameplay content, “The Echollector,” as he rids Aveum of corrupted Shatterfanes and stops a magical construct known as The Echollector from siphoning The Path’s power.
    • 4 new endgame Shatterfanes to complete. The first three Fanes reveal the Fane path to the final bossfight with The Echollector. 
    • New Gear rewards, including a Legendary Green Sigil
    • New Lore to discover that tells the story of The Echollector, an ancient Arystean being
  • New Game+ – Option for players to begin a new playthrough while preserving or enhancing key progression features:
    • Upgrade your Epic and Legendary gear to higher levels with the Forge in NG+
    • Rebalanced enemy health, damage, and abilities
    • Jak carries forward most spells and abilities unlocked in a previous playthrough
    • Adjustments made to experience and currency earned while playing
  • Grand Magnus Difficulty – An additional game difficulty option that provides players with new combat challenges in the most challenging version of Immortals of Aveum yet.

The official blog post has additional details.

Further, Immortals of Aveum is now 50% off for a limited time, and those “who play the console free trial can purchase the Deluxe Edition in-game for 55% off the original price and will receive the edition’s unique sigil, three rings, two bracers, and three totems.”

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