Immortals of Aveum Will Receive a Significant Free Update Later This Month; Adds Story Content, New Game+, and More

Immortals of Aveum Will Receive a Significant Free Update Later This Month; Adds Story Content, New Game+, and More

EA and developer Ascendant Studios revealed details for version of their FPS action-adventure Immortals of Aveum on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The free update will be available on November 16 across all platforms and will add some new modes for players to jump back into the action.

The update is called The Echollector Update, adds:

  • New playable content, gear, and lore in the free gameplay content update, “The Echollector.”
  • Continue the fight for Aveum with New Game+
  • Brave the new Grand Magnus difficulty and take on foes like never before

Further, a free demo will be available later this month to begin the adventure. The Save Data from the demo will transform to the full game. The PC demo will be rolling out to Steam in the second half of November.

The Echollector Content Update offers endgame objectives for players looking to delve deeper into the game’s lore and discover new content as they progress through the later chapters. After the Everwar events weakened the Path and scattered fragments of the consciouscape across Aveum, corrupted Shatterfanes emerged, leading to uncharted territories and challenges. In this update, Jak must rid Aveum of these Shatterfanes and confront malevolent forces in a new boss battle, which becomes accessible upon reaching Glaivegate.

Additionally, the highly requested New Game+ feature is confirmed, allowing players to replay the game with most abilities and spells intact. This mode also enables gear upgrades, including enhancing Epic and Legendary gear using the Forge, rebalancing enemy stats, and retaining most of Jak’s spells and abilities from a previous playthrough, though some augment spells are excluded due to specific unlock requirements. Moreover, adjustments are made to experience and currency rewards in NG+.

For those seeking a greater challenge, the Grand Magus Difficulty mode presents an even tougher test in Aveum. Face Sandrakk’s forces like never before, making each battle a survival test as you navigate the perils of the Everwar and prove yourself as an Immortal worthy of the name.

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