Waifu SRPG ‘Illusion Connect’ Launches Globally Later This Month With Pre-Registration Open Now

Chameleon Games has opened pre-orders for Illusion Connect, the global release of the tactical mobile RPG, coming to iOS and Android on October 22.

Illusion Connect introduces players to in-game characters named Radiant, who can build affinity through interactions and battles. There will be over 50 Radiants available who each have their own background, personality, and hobbies that players can learn about. This game is truly a waifu collection gacha game, as it requires you to spend time with the Radiant and strengthen your bond with them.

However, there’s more to do than talk as characters. Players can also battle them in real-time fights. I will say that the battle system is reminiscent of other RPG mobile games available now. In reality, this game looks a lot like games we’ve seen before, but there’s a high level of quality that might catch the interest of waifu hunters. Outside of combat, players can also customize their own base and watch their Radients roam around. Yes, this may add another layer of monetary investment.

Players who pre-order will be rewarded with in-game items to grant them an early start. The team also has incentives to meet for pre-registration numbers.

You can watch the newest trailer below:

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