Ikumi Nakamura Reveals Yokai Action Game ‘Kemuri’ in Teaser Trailer

Ikumi Nakamura Reveals Yokai Action Game ‘Kemuri’ in Teaser Trailer

UNSEEN reveals a new yokai action game from Ikumi Nakamura called Kemuri, a release date or window was not revealed.

Kemuri was revealed by studio UNSEEN. This original IP is a game that immerses players in a world where the ordinary intersects with the extraordinary. Set in an urban jungle, this game revolves around mysterious entities known as yokai, which seamlessly blend into the city’s population. Players take on the role of YOKAI HUNTERS, equipped with the unique ability of the FOX WINDOW, a tool to uncover city mysteries and restore balance. “KEMURI” offers an exciting solo or cooperative gameplay experience where players stylishly hunt yokai, harness their powers, and tackle increasingly formidable challenges.

Ikumi Nakamura is a known Japanese video game artist and director who has made significant contributions to the gaming industry through her work at various leading studios. In the past, she gained recognition for her artistic contributions to “The Evil Within” (2014) and “The Evil Within 2” (2017) at Tango Gameworks, where she also briefly served as the creative director for “Ghostwire: Tokyo” where she presented the game onstage and became a true wholesome hero. Continuing her journey in the gaming world, she now leads her own independent game studio, Unseen.

You can watch the trailer below:

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