If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- Review – After Stories With Your Favorite Girls

If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- Review – After Stories With Your Favorite Girls

As a big fan of MoeNovel’s visual novels, I looked forward to the release of If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary-. Although I started If My Heart Had Wings before, sadly, I didn’t get to finish it. After playing through -Flight Diary- I will definitely take this as a motivation to go back and finish it though as I absolutely enjoyed what -Flight Diary- has to offer.

If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- tells the story of multiple characters of If My Heart Had Wings. It counts as a spin-off of the base game and includes its epilogue, prologue, and different other stories. Each story is completed on its own and you can read them entirely unrelated to the others. There are a total of six stories available which revolves around different characters and outcomings from the main game each time.

As I already mentioned, each story starts with a different ending of its main story. The first story is the continuation of Kotori’s ending while the second continues Amane’s story, although it mostly tells us her past with Isuka and Tatsuya with flashbacks. The third and fourth story takes place after the bad end of the main story where Aoi is left alone and focuses on Hotaru and Kanako as the protagonists.

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These girls get an entirely new adventure as they were not romanceable in If My Heart Had Wings. The fifth story starts after Aoi got together with the twins Asa and Yoru. This might be personal preference now, but I think it was really weird that the ending got picked where he just dated two of the girls instead of separating the story and make a proper story for each girl in the spin-off. The last story is written from Kotori’s perspective and you can read her thoughts during the main story of If My Heart Had Wings.

First of all, there is a lot of content available to read even though this counts as a spin-off. I enjoyed getting the chance to read through these stories about side characters that I couldn’t romance in the main game. I expected it to be a typical spin-off of the relationships of the romanceable girls but I couldn’t be more wrong — -Flight Diary- does not only resolve about side characters, but also a lot about friendship as a whole. Furthermore, it contained a lot of scenes that made me chuckle quite a lot of times.

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If you already had a taste of If My Heart Had Wings, you can expect -Flight Diary- to be the same style as its main game. -Flight Diary- is comedic and light-hearted while it revolves around serious themes such as fulfilling one’s dream. With that said, I really enjoyed that this game did not focus on romance too much.

While it does continue the story after getting together with a girl, there were still other characters within the game whose story will slowly get revealed. Therefore -Flight Diary- is definitely not a dating sim like its previous main game but plays out more like a kinetic novel instead. This means there are no choices or branches available in this game besides choosing one of the six stories and players won’t be able to have an impact on the story. However, the story did well with its explanations of the characters and situation and it’s possible to understand the game without having to play the main game beforehand.

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Since MoeNovel is famous for its all ages only versions, you should be beware that this game does not show explicit sex scenes. It is, however, implied, which sometimes made it very confusing for me. Such as during a kissing scene that seemed off since it felt overdone with strange sound effects. Although in the end, you could tell it was just censored, they could have done these alterations better or rather completely cut out this scene as it seemed really weird when the girls were moaning and the kissing scene lasted for quite a long time.

The soundtrack was lovely and the voice acting was superb. Aoi, the main character, however, was the only character which was not voiced. -Flight Diary- also contains a lot of beautiful CGs and even some really romantic ones. The characters in If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- have a lot of different facial expressions and positions as well of the characters. I just found some expressions a bit off at times as they seemed very unrealistic, but other than this, If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- is a truly beautiful and high-quality game. Like in its previous main game, it kept the cute chibi style of the characters at funny scenes and it was very refreshing to see them again as that’s what made If My Heart Had Wings absolutely unique.

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All in all, If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- is a very lovely spin-off of its main game If My Heart Had Wings. While you can play and understand it fine without the main game, I would still strongly suggest playing it before starting -Flight Diary-. The two stories combine offer an amazing visual novel experience that I could easily recommend.

Outside of the all-ages romance scenes, nothing found within the game ever hurt my overall immersion or experience as the story was just a joy to play through. I understand that this game is meant to be featured as an after story to be played following the completion of the game’s main routes. So if you enjoyed the main gameyou will absolutely love -Flight Diary- as well — It’s such a charming title with a lot of lovable girls and comedic moments that will make you laugh and leave you full of joy, as it did with me.

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