Idol Rhythm Game ‘Starry Palette’ Launch Date Revealed Earlier Than Projected

DMM game’s upcoming idol game ‘Starry Palette‘ has been revealed to be launching on November 21 in Japan, according to the game’s official twitter.

Starry Palette is part of a mixed media project, originally announced back in early 2017 but production was reportedly halted due to technical issues. Months later it was announced that production was in fact, still alive. As a mixed media project, we can expect live performances, manga spin-offs, official song releases and a whole host of other tie-in content. The voice cast for the game curiously seems to include relatively new voice actors alongside veteran stars. Unlike its upcoming competitor, Readyyy! Project, Starry Pallete is a rhythm game which means that it functions more like existing titles Love Live School Idol Festival and IDOLiSH7.

The official twitter can be found from the link above, or here. Song previews and music videos have been uploaded to the official youtube channel which can be found here and the official trailer can be watched below.

Starry Palette launches in Japan on the 21st of November for Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows PC. Follow us for more information on the game as it releases.

Author’s Take: I am super hyped for this game and I am ready to post far too much about it on social media when it drops. There isn’t going to be an English release for years, if ever, but will that really stop me? 

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