Idol Rhythm Game ‘IDOLiSH7’ Gets Season Four Story Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a new story trailer for Season 4 or Part 4 of their hit idol rhythm game IDOLiSH7 through their official in-universe youtube channel.

The trailer features an instrumental version of an as of yet unreleased song from the game, and key visuals showing off new outfits for the cast of 16 idols. IDOLiSH7 is known for its, quite dramatic story, and this new trailer teases future story developments by giving each character a somewhat dramatic ‘preview line’. Most of you don’t speak Japanese, so I’ve linked an extremely helpful thread from the legendary twitter user @ShionsTear who has helpfully translated the entire trailer.

In case you’ve missed it, IDOLiSH7 is a huge mixed media idol project that centers around the (currently JP only) mobile game available on Android and iOS devices. Starring a collection of idol groups filled with characters with all sorts of motivations. The franchise has spawned several manga spin-offs, novelizations, a PS Vita title, a massive amount of amazing songs, an anime adaptation (which covers part one of the game’s story) and even a ‘Youtube Originals’ series.

You can find all the currently released music videos on their youtube channel (run in-universe by one of the staff members of IDOLiSH7’s agency, Banri Ogami) here. The Youtube originals series can be found here, but keep in mind that only the first two episodes are free, the rest require a Youtube Premium account.

This year there will be at least four more MVs animated, one for each idol group, by well-known production companies with the confirmed being:

IDOLiSH7 –  Orange

TRIGGER – Studio Trigger

Re:Vale – Troyca

ZOOL – Ufotable

Part four of the story is set to start sometime soon this year.

Author’s Take: In case you didn’t know I loved IDOLiSH7, now you do. Stay tuned for me trying to get my hands on all relevant news. And maybe a tutorial video.

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