Idol Manager Trailer Highlights Complex Idol Culture and Running a Talent Agency

Playism launched a new trailer for the GlitchPitch-developed idol-sim Idol Manager, in development for PC-via Steam.

The trailer highlights just how tough it is to run a growing talent agency. Players take on the role of a manager who is tasked with cultivating and training the newest generation of pop idols. Their role allows them to choose who to hire and who to fire as well as who gets promoted for doing a good job or reprimanded when they mess up. Additionally, players will be able to peek into the personal lives of the girls and learn more about them. These interactions increase your relationship with the girls and allow them to be emotionally stable during tough situations. However, it’s possible that it could lead to heartache.

During gameplay, players also have to worry about gossip magazines, super fans, and rival groups, who are eager to bring drama to your group. Still, the option is there for you to play dirty, but that might not be good for your mental state.

There’s also some romance in the game, that is not encouraged by me. A manager should never date their idols.

You can watch the new trailer below to get a better idea of Idol Manager:

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