Square Enix Cancels Their Mobile Title ‘Idol Fantasy’ After Eight Months

Square Enix intrigued fans around the world when they announced their own idol franchise, called ‘Idol Fantasy’. The prospect of some fantasy elements being incorporated into an idol game, along with Square’s notoriously high-quality CGI production values, excited fans of idol games around the world. At least temporarily.

Idol Fantasy launched on the 18th of August, 2018, to a mediocre reception. A basic idol training simulator akin to the Idolm@ster games, with relatively simple visuals for both trailers and the in-game songs, a far cry of the CGI fans were expecting from Square Enix, wasn’t competing just with longer running titles such as Ensemble Stars, IDOLiSH7 and Uta no Prince-Sama Shining Live. It was also competing with SEGA’s trailers for Readyyy!, which showed off some absolutely impeccable CG music videos. For some reason, for which we may never know, Square Enix didn’t seem to think it was financially viable to support the game and compete with these other franchises.

In fact, Square Enix plans to shut the game down on the 9th of May, 2019. A mere eight months after the game launched. This information was released on the games official website and through in-app notifications.

Idol Fantasy is available in Japan for iOS and Android devices, although not for much longer.

Author’s Take: This is kinda disappointing, I expected more from Square. Well, I stopped being invested in this title quite quickly so…..

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