Idea Factory Reveals New Joseimuke Brand ‘ALTERGEAR’ Focused on The Bonds Between Men

Idea Factory has revealed a new brand for their visual novel productions in Japan. While the company has their famous Otomate brand, they’re now opening another joseimuke brand called ALTERGEAR, which will focus on games that feature a main cast of men and their bonds. This is unlikely to refer to romance blooming between the characters, making the projects “joseimuke” works rather than BL games.

Three games have already been announced for Japan, though the official site teases three other unannounced projects are on their way as well. The company now has their own official Twitter and YouTube accounts and has shared trailers for these games and their brand’s goals. At this point, none of the titles have been announced for western release and they’ll all be released for Nintendo Switch.

The first game announced was Soukaitenki, which features character designs by Teita (Norn9, Nightshade) along with Murakami, who designed Murakami, Tsukuyomi and Susano-oh. The story is written by Rosa  Nakajou (Taisho Mebiusline, Tokyo 24-ku) and it features the opening song Soten performed by GARNiDELiA. The Switch game tells the story of a group of men during war times and it’s scheduled to release in Japan during 2022.

The second title is developed in a collaboration between Karin Entertainment and Idea Factory. Called Rashomon of Shinjuku, the game seems to take place in the current era featuring men in modern suits using traditional Japanese swords. The director and scriptwritter is Sonoe Kazenomiya (Omega Vampire), with character designs by Jirou Suzuki (Rose Guns Days, Heiligenstadt no Uta). No release window was announced.

Last but not least, MintLip’s DIG-ROCK -Documentary of Youthful Sounds- visual novel will also be released under the ALTERGEAR label. The game is an adaptation of the drama CD series DIG-ROCK about a group of young men working for a talent agency called Dignity Productions. The story is written by Ryouko Seki (Period Cube’s main writer) and the characters are designed by Masahisa. No release window was announced.

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