Ib Remake Receives English Support on PC via Steam

Publisher Playism that remake of the RPG Maker horror title, Ib, has been patched with English language support on PC via Steam so many more fans can enjoy this timeless classic.

Additionally, a Twitter campaign is occurring where a fan can win a framed illustration of Ib, viewable below:

This remake was previously announced in February of this year to commemorate the original game’s 10-year anniversary.

Throughout this 2D horror adventure experience, players take control of protagonist Ib as she visits an art gallery with her parents. However, the young girl suddenly finds herself alone in this now ominous setting, and she sets off to find a way out of this troublesome predicament. Players will have to solve various puzzles to progress the narrative, and choices determine the ending one achieves.

Alongside enhanced visuals and updated mechanics, this remake is simultaneously planned to appeal to new players regardless of skill level while still providing a fresh experience for fans.

Further details include the following:

  • A newly composed soundtrack
  • Brand new puzzles, effects, and tricks
  • “Zoom Mode” for visibility, aiding in puzzle-solving and area examination
  • “Conversation System” for NPC banter and hints
  • 7 endings dependent on chosen actions during dialogue and exploration

You can view the official English announcement trailer for Ib Remake below:

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