Hypnotic Suggestion Eroge ‘Hypno-Mart’ Announced by Shiravune with April Release Date

Shiravune has announced an English and Chinese release of Hypno-Mart on PC (Steam, Johren) on April 24, 2023. The erotic visual novel is developed by Appetite (Platonically Mauled by a Magic CougarSlippery Richard! ~ He’s Taller Than My Husband ~) and it’s called Saimin Arbeit ~Ten’in Gyaru ni Tenchou Meirei wa Zettai Dakara~ in Japanese.

Hypno-Mart tells the story of a rude part-timer called Airi Kurusu. She’s completely disrespectful, treats customers like trash and is even too lazy to do her job properly. As the shop is understaffed and no one can take this late shift, you still try to keep her despite how unsatisfied you feel about her work.

Looking for a solution on the internet, your character stumbles upon a weird link suggesting a hypnotic suggestion method. It looks weird but you still try it anyway, as it shouldn’t hurt. As an erotic game, this concept is sure to be but the start of a messy situation. Keep in mind the game is described as short by the publisher.

Airi’s voiced by Hazuki Akari, who’s worked on multiple Japan-only eroges since 2017, such as Mugen no Sakura and Saimin Gyakushuu, as well as the super short Shasei no Jikan! published in English by Tensei Games. The character designer, Suzunone Rena, also worked on multiple Japan-only eroges such as Yuri Love Slave and Do M Imouto no Roshutsu Yuugi.

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