HyperX Mix Buds Announcement – True Wireless, Dual-Connection & A World of Options

Today, HyperX launched a brand new pair of earbuds, known as the HyperX Mix Buds. These headphones are quite notable, as they enter into multi-platform connectivity, or in other words, hybrid features. The Mix buds can connect simultaneously with Bluetooth 5.2 to a mobile device or any Bluetooth device and be connected via a 2.4ghx USB-C dongle.

The Mix buds work with PS4, PS5, PC, Mobile Phone, and Switch, but not Xbox, as there is a security protocol. In the package, the consumer will receive a dongle dock that acts as a remote to toggle back and forth between your hybrid connection links.

HyperX Buds 3

Gamers do use more than one platform, so the hybrid platform earbuds open many doors for one-and-done purchases rather than buying a variety of case-specific products. In addition, the HyperX NGENUITY software, which can customize your HyperX ecosystem hardware, will now be available on IOS and Android, allowing a mobile user to tweak headset UE features, touch controls, EQ, and more.

More talking points include offering DTSX 7.1 surround to Mix bud PC users and opening doors for lightweight, portable surround sound. Lastly, to sum up the versatility of the Mix buds, the earbuds will hold 33 hours of battery life, leaving enough time for a marathon gaming session or multiple days of on-and-off music listening.

Overall, I would say the HyperX Mix Buds are worthwhile, and I am excited to see the hybrid hardware category expand. The HyperX Mix Buds will retail for $149.99.

HyperX Buds 2

Notable Talking Points:

  • 33 Hours Battery Life
  • Dual-Connection with Bluetooth 5.2 and USB-C 2.4ghz dongle
  • Included Dongle Remote to toggle between dual connect, mute, and other customizable features
  • True Wireless charging case can house dongle
  • Works with all modern platforms, including Mobile Phones, not including Xbox products
  • DTS X 7.1 surround sound for PC users
  • $149.99 USD Retail

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