Super Power Visual Novel ‘Hyper Highspeed Genius’ Coming West to PC

During Anime Expo 2019, Sol Press announced their plans to publish the Windmill visual novel Hyper Highspeed Genius to PC in the west.

Hyper Highspeed Genius is set in a world where there exist special individuals labeled as “Genius” who possess special abilities known as gifts. However, those who have these abilities are left with the responsibility to protect the world. There are three schools created to exclusively train these Geniuses called Satsuki Gakuen, Saint July Academy, and Minazuki Gakuen.

One day, a treasure known as “Noah” was discovered, which will amplify the abilities of whoever holds it. What makes this scary for everyone is that whoever has possession over this treasure would also have the power to rule over the world and do as they please. In order to fix this, the three schools were merged into one to create Hazuki Gakuen and then they will hold an election that will decide their leader. Well, the main protagonist, Kyuushirou, seems to want in on this election and makes a contract with a demon named Mephisto. Through this interaction, he gains the power to persuade and control the election candidates, but it turns out the thing he longs for is love. Well, that’s pretty sweet.

Hyper Highspeed Genius features 10 heroines and plenty of branching paths in the story for players to discover.

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