Latest ‘Hunt: Showdown’ Update Adds New Time Cycles, a Deadly AI Creature, and More

Crytek has delivered a new, beefy update, Update 5.0, for their competitive first-person bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown.

This time around, the update adds new time cycles (times of day) that let players hunt in the following: Daylight, Nighttime, Golden, and Foggy. All these times of days are available in both the Lawson Delta and Stillwater Bayou maps. Depending on the environment that players are in, players will need to adjust their playstyle and determine what works best to get the bounty kills they need to win.

Now, however, there’s a new AI class thrown into the mix: the Immlotar. The Immolator isn’t one to mess around with as its highly destructive and volatile behaviors make it a force to be reckoned with. Being as silent but deadly as possible is the way to go when the Immolator is around since it starts to wreak chaos once it senses any nearby movement. Players have the opportunity to learn more about how Crytek made the Immolator in a recent blog post featuring three members of the development team. It’s a really in-depth look into character development, so I highly suggest for anyone who’s interested in game development to give it a read.

To increase players chances of taking down the new creature, a new semi-automatic pistol The Borneheim No.3 has been added. The pistol uses compact ammo, has a high rate of fire, and benefits from the use of the Bulletgrubber trait. More firepower is always better.

Last but not least, the update also enables Quickplay on the Lawson Delta maps, so players can quickly jump into and play a match with ease. Other changes include boss and AI movement and balancing improvements, a long list of audio updates and fixes, Quickplay adjustments, performance upgrades, and many other items that players can read about in detail in the patch notes.

See just how wild the new AI creature is by watching the gameplay trailer below:

Hunt: Showdown is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access, and will be coming to the Xbox Preview Program this spring.

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