Humble Choice Reveals a Large List of Free Games for Subscribers for February

The team behind Humble Choice (formerly Humble Bundle) has revealed the latest games available on their subscription page. The games available are as follows:

Frost Punk (+ The Rifts DLC)

Frostpunk 03

A survival strategy game where you are the leader of a colony living in a frozen world and have just discovered steam power. Make decisions that will determine the fate of your settlement.

Pathfinder Kingmaker: Explorer Edition

First isometric party-based RPG in the Pathfinder fantasy series. Inspired by RPG classics like Baldur’s Gate and Fallout 1 and 2, this game has you explore and eventually conquer the Stolen Lands in a quest to establish your kingdom.


A sci-fi multiplayer survival game set in a distant future on a distant land. The name of the game is to craft, trade, farm, and survive in the world with other members online.

Okami HD

Okami HD

This beautifully styled game lets you take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, on a quest to defeat the legendary demon Orochi and restore the land of Nippon.

Shenzhen I/O

This puzzle game lets you design and program your computer components, all while teaching you about the electronics design process and computer programming.

Project Warlock

This First Person shooter takes hints from classics like DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D in this pixel stylized world where you can both use standard weapons as well as devastating spells.


This tower defense game employs different mechanics, like city building and RPG progression, to create a game that is unique in the genre.



This title is a 2D side-scrolling RPG adventure inspired by games like Paper Mario and other RPGs. Ti tells the story of a chosen hero who has failed on his mission, and the evil underling takes his place.

Book of Demons

This isometric hack-and-slash has ARPG gameplay mechanics and uses paper-cut out styled graphics. This is definitely an interesting title that is worth taking a look at.


This visual novel has you take the role of Evelyn, a woman who has had success in the tech industry of Seattle but has burned out. She then becomes Eliza, a human proxy that serves as a counseling program. The game gives you choices that are gripping choices, with opportunities to create your own scenarios in later parts.

The Hex

A murder mystery with a twist. You are tipped off about a murder but are surprised to learn that the suspects are six video game protagonists.

Night Call

Night Call Screenshot3

A game about a taxi driver in Paris. You soon become embroiled in a murder mystery as you learn that the string of murders in town is connected. This entire game puts a spin on the murder mystery, with you collecting evidence as you take passengers to where they need to go.

These games will be available to all subscribers. You can get three games with the Basic plan ($14.99/month), nine games with a Premium plan ($19.99/month), or ten games if you are in the Classic Plan.

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