Human Fall Flat Sells 50 Million Units Worldwide

Human Fall Flat Sells 50 Million Units Worldwide

Curve Games and No Brakes Games have announced that their multiplayer platformer, Human Fall Flat, has sold over 50 million units worldwide.

“To celebrate the milestone, the team [has] launched a workshop competition, with the winner walking away with USD 10,000 and the level officially featured in the game on PC and console.”

Available until February 1, 2024, the three themes are Lost in Time, Heists, and Fairytales. You can fill out the form to get involved here.

Sitara Shefta, Head of Studio at No Brakes Games, said the following about this achievement:

“The support from our community is incredible, we never dreamt we would have 50 million people playing Human Fall Flat. Our community continues to inspire us, and we can’t wait to see more of the amazing content they create.”

Human: Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle and exploration video game combining open-ended exploration and humor. It follows the adventures of Bob, a customizable and seemingly boneless character.

Players guide Bob through dreamlike and surreal locales while solving physics-based puzzles. The environments include floating castles and industrial complexes.

What sets the game apart is its emphasis on player creativity and problem-solving. There is no fixed solution to the puzzles, allowing players to experiment with different approaches and use the game’s physics engine to their advantage. The multiplayer mode further enhances the experience, allowing friends to join in and collaborate on solving challenges. Further, the minimalist art style enhances the lighthearted and entertaining atmosphere.

Human Fall Flat 2 was officially announced earlier this year.

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