HP ZWorkstation Ecosystem Announcements – A New World of Fancy & Powerful Hardware

Today, HP announced the HP ZBook Studio G9 and HP ZBook Fury G9, two new Z displays (Z24M and Z24Q), a new Thunderbolt G4 dock, and other mobile workstations.

The ZBook laptops provide power on the go while remaining stylish enough to be the star of the room. It is certainly enough to game, but it can also endure rendering, art, data science, and many other applications. The Zbook Fury G9 is very modular, allowing the user to get inside without tools and change up to 4 slots of RAM (maximum of 128 GB). The laptop can also adapt 4 internal m.2 drives of your choosing.

HPZWorkstation 6

Moreover, you can take advantage of its desktop-class Intel 55-watt CPU. The Zbook Studio G9 is similar but offers more affordability behind power and smaller size. With an appealing aesthetic, the Z24Q and Z24M monitors display gorgeous colors and resolution with Quad HD and HDR. Additionally, the Z24m has a pop-up webcam with remarkable tracking and sensitivity features.

Lastly, the new HP Thunderbolt G4 dock offers unique compatibility with your HP laptops, especially the Zbook Studio G9. Other than more inputs, the dock enhances your laptop’s power, directly instilling more watts into your most vital hardware, like your discrete GPU. Further, the dock can provide extra security to your machine with Intel Vpro.

HPZWorkstation 9

Here is a digestible breakdown of HP’s newest announcements and most notable specs:

ZBook Fury G9:

  • Desktop class 55W Intel CPU
  • 4 RAM slots & 4 M.2 slots
  • Toolless access
  • Relatively large but offers more power in exchange
  • 4k display & 120hz

ZBook Studio G9:

  • Affordable, with performance
    4k OLED display & 120hz


  • Retractable internal webcam on M model
  • Quad HD IPS
  • 90hz refresh rate
  • Display daisy chain from M model
  • Hidden speakers and clean, minimal stand

HPZWorkstation 7

HP Thunderbolt G4 Dock:

  • Enhances power output of HP laptops and utilizes hardware at a higher capacity
  • Adds inputs and features
  • Secures laptop/machine with Vpro security, backup, and updates

HP Mini:

  • Toolless access
  • Extremely portable computer with desktop power
  • Versatile Customization
  • Vesa is mountable almost anywhere

Z40C Ultrawide Curved Monitor:

  • 4k retractable webcam with tracking features
  • 5k x 2k IPS display
  • 60hz refresh rate

A brief video featuring the products mentioned above in an HP press briefing is viewable below:

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