How to Unlock the Fourth Job Class in Trials of Mana

Fan of Trials of Mana will know about the game’s three job classes that are unlocked throughout the adventure. These job classes make a return to Trials of Mana remake and unlock in the same fashion.

The second job class is unlocked after level 18, and the third job class is unlocked after level 38, with the help of a seed obtained through battle, which turns into an item. You must turn the seed into the item plant in order to acquire the item.

However, Trials of Mana remake adds in a fourth character class for each character that is determined by whether or not they chose to go down the dark route or the light route. This class not only unlocks a new costume, but it also unlocks new abilities as well as the chance to equip two extra passive skills.

In order to unlock the fourth job class, players will need to complete the game. Following the credits, players will hear of an evil that is emerging in the world that they will need to take out. However, they aren’t strong enough and must first go on an adventure to collect items unique to them. This short quests offer a bit of closure for the characters and also serves as a brief epilogue to the events of the game. Once the items are obtained, players can head to the statues and switch into the fourth job class.

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