Romance Visual Novel ‘How to Raise a Wolf Girl’ Gets Steam Release Date in the West

Sekai Project announced that the Sweet & Tea developed romance visual novel How to Raise a Wolf Girl for PC-via Steam on October 11.

How to Raise a Wolf Girl tells the story of Kousaka Shuuji, a student who lives a healthy life in the countryside. One day, he encounters a mysterious girl in the mountains. To make matters more strange, the girl had animal ears and a tail to complete the look. However, during the story, it’s discovered that more than ten years ago, the girl was “spirited away” in the mountains and is now a shell of her former self.

The girl’s name is Iroha, and she doesn’t have much information to share about the life she lived before their meeting. This loss of memories includes forgetting how to converse with humans and a lack of common sense. Everything begins to be difficult for Shuuji to handle, but he finds it within himself to do whatever he can to protect her smile. Throughout the story, the two will encounter trials and tribulations since the world isn’t a friendly place, and Iroha’s lost time will never be restored.

The publisher describes the mature content in the game:

Nudity but nothing explicit shown (no nipples/genitals). Mildly sexual dialog and references to sexual content.

You can check out new screenshots below:

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