Drone Combat Game ‘Hoverloop’ Shows Multiplayer Gameplay in New Trailer

Drone Combat Game ‘Hoverloop’ Shows Multiplayer Gameplay in New Trailer

Cronos Interactive released a new trailer for the Not A Company developed multiplayer drone combat game, Hoverloop, coming to Xbox One and PC-via Steam this fall.

Hoverloop is a multiplayer arena shooter that allows players to customize their drones in unique ways and take them out to fight it out against others. The game features a variety of maps across various modes including Death Match and cooperative PvE modes, which has players work together to take out AI opponents.

Customization in Hoverloop gives the options to alter materials, colors, hats, trails, and emotes, paired with unique abilities like teleportation or death ray. The multiplayer mode has a four-player local co-op mode along with an eight-player online mode come in the final version of the game.

Currently, Hoverloop is available as part of Steam Early Access as a way to get player’s feedback and get the game ready for launch. Steam users have given it Mixed review scores, but the players mostly are upset about the lack of online multiplayer at this time as the biggest negative.

Additionally, a new trailer for the game shows the various ships that can be created as well as the maps that players are able to use as their battlefield.

You can watch the trailer below:

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