Hot-Blooded Shmups ‘Bullet Soul’ & ‘Bullet Soul Infinite Burst’ Coming to Switch with a September Western Release Date

Mages has announced a Switch version of the shoot’em up games Bullet Soul and Bullet Soul Infinite Burst. The games will be available on September 9, 2022 for $19.99 each. While the game will be digital-only in the west, a limited physical edition of the collection will also be released in Japan, but the game will release on September 22 there.

The Bullet Soul series is composed of shoot’em ups that reward players for their aggressive play, allowing players to cancel enemies’ bullets by doing specific movements. Surviving through the waves while going all out is the very soul of those games with Infinite Burst adding even more modes.

Players can choose one of four ships: the speedy Red Hot Skull, the balanced FA-98 Stinger, the extra powerful Turtle10000, or the grappler Peace of Cake. The games include internal achievements, vertical screen mode, and score attack modes. Infinite Burst also adds a Burst Mode where enemies defeated also drop coins the player should aim to collect for the top score. The Switch version will also have Infinite Burst’s hidden Musou Mode available from the start.

Keep in mind both games were previously released on Xbox 360 (which is currently playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S) and PC (Steam). These versions are already available in English.

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