Games Releasing in October 2019 to Set That Spooky Mood

We all love horror games, and being that it’s the month of October, we felt the need to share a list of games releasing this month that fit the genre. With notable releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III releasing, we felt the need to keep this list strictly to games of the spooky genre. Let us know some games in October that you’re looking forward too. They don’t have to be horror games either.

Spirit Hunter: NG
Release Date: October 10 – PS4/PS Vita/Switch/PC

NG 4 1

The second entry in the Spirit Hunter series follows a cast of characters fated to encounter the supernature as spirits invade their city and begin threatening the lives of them and their loved ones. As the protagonist, players must make decisions as they investigate creepy scenes and put to rest spirits in hopes of getting their little sister back. However,  the game incorporates choices into its systems that could mean some of their friends won’t make it until the end.

Mary Skelter 2
Release Date: October 22 (NA) October 23 (EU) – Switch

mary skelter 2

Escape a living jail in this dungeon-crawling RPG with characters based on fairy tales. Along with all-new mechanics and features for this sequel, the scariest part about this game happens to be the moments when large unbeatable creatures begin chasing you through the halls of a dungeon. By solving puzzles, and meeting new characters, players might be able to escape this living jail. However, some of us are just here for the waifus.

Raging Loop
Release date: October 18 (EU) October 22 (NA) – PS4/Swith

raging loop

Taking place in the secluded Japanese village of Yasumizu, a heavy mist has begun to surround the town, which makes it impossible for anyone to leave. If that wasn’t bad enough, ancient gods have come back to life to hunt the villagers down one by one. Their feast has begun, and the villagers must do anything they can to escape. Throughout this adventure, players will need to make choices and form bonds if they hope to make it out alive.

Luigi’s Mansion 3
Release Date: October 31 – Switch

luigis mansion 3

Not scary, you say? We beg to differ! Mario and the gang arrive at a hotel for an all-expenses-paid vacation. As you could have guessed, things don’t go as planned as everyone ends up missing, except for Luigi. Luigi must strap back on his vacuum backpack and suck up some ghosts to save his friends. However, Luigi isn’t alone as a body double named Gooigi will lend a helping hand.

Maggot Baits
Release Date: October 24 – PC

maggot baits

Torture, pain, suffering could explain this visual novel experience, but in all of that is a story of perseverance and determination. The game takes place in Kajou City, a central metropolis of the Kantou region that was transformed overnight into a demonic city where supernatural creatures run rampant. As the protagonist, the player will join up with a group of witches to hopefully put an end to this nightmare. That is if the player can get through all of the gruesome events along the way.

Ghost Parade
Release Date: October 31 – PS4/Switch/PC

Ghost Parade

After missing the bus home from school, Suri decides to take a short cut through the forest. What she finds is a spirit infested adventure fueled by the destruction of human beings. The spirits in the forest have become restless after humans begin the deforestation process. It’s up to Suri to help the spirits by teaming up with them and putting a stop to their suffering.

That’s our list. We hope you found something that you didn’t know of before!

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