Horror Adventure ‘Horses’ Gets New Trailer Revealing a Demo is on the Way; We Still Don’t Know What the Hell This Game is

Santa Ragione released a new trailer for their horror adventure, Horses, currently in development for unannounced platforms for a 2024 launch.

The publisher promised a demo, and the trailer highlights what players will find in its content when it launches later this year. The game does feature physical violence, psychological abuse, gory imagery (mutilation, blood), depictions of slavery, torture, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and substance abuse. There must be a lengthy warning at the start up because that has me sweating.

In Horses, players step into a serene countryside setting, where under the scorching sun and amidst verdant pastures, a farm awaits its caretaker. Yet, as dusk descends and shadows stretch across the landscape, the idyllic facade gives way to a more unsettling reality.

The game has players embark on a mysterious first-person adventure as a college student on a summer break, entrusted with the upkeep of the farm and its livestock for a fortnight. Each day’s exploration uncovers a series of unexpected revelations, peeling back layers of enigma shrouding the farm. Guided by the enigmatic directives of an elusive farmer, players must decide whether to tread cautiously or let curiosity lead them into the farm’s concealed depths. Prudent choices are imperative, as some truths are more chilling than the comfortable falsehoods we grasp.

The experience is punctuated by disconcerting live-action video interludes and distinct gameplay events for each of the 14 days, ensuring a constant sense of unease. This journey is poised to linger in your thoughts long after the final act. Will you emerge unscathed from this summer stint, or will the farm add one more name to its unsettling legacy? Regardless, the imprint of this unique working experience is bound to stay with you.

You can watch the trailer below:

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