Horror Adventure ‘Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story’ Pulled From Steam to Address Gameplay Bugs

Top Hat Studios and developer Suzaku have announced that Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story has been removed from Steam after launching on earlier this week.

The decision was made after concerns from players over bugs and other gameplay elements hindered the player’s experience. The developer noted that the game did go through QA runs, but the issues that player’s have been encountering were not found during those trials.

The developer adds in a statement:

When we set out to make the game, I wanted to make a game in the method of old school survival horror titles like Fatal Frame , Resident Evil, and most importantly Clock Tower. This meant very limited saves, deep exploration, repeated trial and error, punishing deaths, and a reliance on careful reading and planning your actions are the things; things I find engaging about those older titles. I wanted to bring those aspects back first and foremost.

At this point it is pretty clear that I failed to do those systems justice and in adhering to these design tenets made the game too frustratingly hard. While most of the minor bugs and issues can be fixed easily, we realize gameplay chains and systems cannot. However, we can add tools to help smooth out these issues, and make the game better for everyone involved.

Additionally, a roadmap of patches that the developer will work on has been provided:

  • The resolution settings bug has been fixed. Your chosen settings will now save and not reset when opening the menu or moving the window to alternate monitors
  • The method for escaping in the elevator on the first ghost event in the lobby will have its failure state removed, forcing the elevator to open by the ghost’s proximity. You will no longer need to spam the interact button to succeed.
  • We are adding default journal items with clear explanations of controls, saving, use of the sword, and other apparently confusing aspects. These will be unlocked and in the journal tab from the beginning of the game, and the player will be prompted to check them.
  • We will either add an autosave/checkpoint at the beginning of each floor OR allow quick saving anywhere from the main menu. We will keep the tapes/save stations as is for people who want to try the challenge of limited saves. We have not decided which option is best, but are leaning towards quick save.
  • the death screen audio bug has been resolved.
  • the “Sweet Home” achievement not unlocking has been resolved.
  • the ESC key now brings up the pause menu instead of Enter.
  • we are also looking into various reported smaller interaction chain bugs which were not found in QA.

Other issues with save data have also been discovered.

Players who have purchased the game can still play it to completion but may want to wait until the patch.

In case you missed it, we had the chance to interview the developer to learn more about their approach to game design and the game’s story.

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