Horizon: Zero Dawn Could Be Headed to PC Later This Year

Horizon: Zero Dawn Could Be Headed to PC Later This Year

Exclusives have been the primary focus of console manufactures since it sells their hardware. This method has been going around for generations, and it’s proven a working strategy. Players, however, been dealing with exclusives with mixed feelings. Some love being recognized by their platform of choice, while others deeply believe exclusives don’t benefit gamers.

In recent years Microsoft has been changing that by introducing Xbox Game Pass for PC, with the ability for players to play between console and PC. Sony and the Playstation have been reliable, and one of the most active market leaders when it comes to exclusives. But we’ve been seeing some previous exclusives such as Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and even Detroit: Become Human to reach the PC Market.

A source told Kotaku, the famous media news source, that Horizon: Zero Dawn, currently a Playstation 4 exclusive, will be reaching the PC Market this year. No specific dates were mentioned, and since 2020 has just begun, we can be waiting for a long time.

The source claims the third-person action game should supposedly reach Steam and Epic Store, but as always, nothing is confirmed. It’s been already proven by Epic Store to use exclusivity deals to promote their storefront, and this may very well be a new opportunity.

Horizon: Zero Dawn could tremendously benefit from a PC Port, offering a much wider variety of visual options, configuration settings including, 60fps. This could be the first Guerrilla Games to be released outside the Sony’s platform. Let’s also not forget that the engine behind Horizon: Zero Dawn is the Decima. This engine is also responsible for Death Stranding and seems an excellent choice for Playstation 4 games and Microsoft Windows.

Could Sony be changing their operations? After all, exclusives are indeed expensive to produce, as they are often Triple-A in their budget. A console exclusivity and a postponed PC release could very well be a financial boost for the Japanese company, as well as a surprise for gamers.

At this current time, it’s not confirmed by Sony yet or denied. Considering all the technical information, it’s very likely the Decima engine has been tweaked to run on PC. In any case, here’s the trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn, the popular and well-received game released in 2017 by Guerrilla Games.

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