Horizon Series Sells 32.7 Million Units, Horizon Forbidden West Sells 8.7 Million Units; “Alloy’s Adventures Will Continue”

Development team Guerrilla Games has published a new post on PlayStation Blog, celebrating their 20-year Anniversary by highlighting their early accomplishments and the more recent feats they have achieved.

Additionally, new sales statistics were revealed, with the Horizon franchise having sold over 32.7 million units worldwide as of April 16, 2023. And part of that combined amount is from the most recent entry in the series, Horizon Forbidden West, which has sold over 8.7 million units worldwide.

Lastly, the Studio Director and Studio Art and Animation Director at Guerrilla, Jan-Bart van Beek, confirmed that “Alloy’s adventures will continue.” So, fans can anticipate at least one more title in this still-evolving action-adventure franchise.

The latest game release for the Horizon series is the DLC expansion Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, adding various new story and gameplay scenarios to further flesh out this simultaneously technological and nature-filled world.

For those unaware, this developer used to work on the Killzone series, which is nowhere near as prominent as it once was in the mid-2010s, as it gained a massive following.

If you want to read Guerrilla’s full anniversary reflection, check out their full article on PlayStation Blog.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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