Hookah Lounge Visual Novel ‘Hookah Haze’ Announced for Switch & Steam 2024

Hookah Lounge Visual Novel ‘Hookah Haze’ Announced for Switch & Steam 2024

Aniplex has announced the ACQUIRE-developed hookah lounge visual novel, Hookah Haze. Set to launch digitally for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2024 with English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese language support, a teaser trailer was shared.

Taking place on the outskirts of Akihabara in the year 20xx, the hookah lounge Hookah Haze opens, welcoming its customers. However, the rookie manager, Toru Sumiki, begins changing after interacting with the lounge’s clients.

After being diagnosed with a fatal illness, he loses the will to live, causing him to make the most of his remaining time alive, hence his new position as the hookah lounge’s temporary manager. He meets three girls here, each facing their own trauma and strife, who may open up to him.

You’ll be able to craft your house blends made up of five different tobacco flavors, with The Daily Specials you recommend on social media impacting which girls visit the lounge. Careful hookah heat management is vital, as it will influence the girls to open up about their struggles. Moreover, the hookah social media service, Hookah LINK, where you post the Daily Specials, may result in you receiving direct messages.

The following four characters were profiled:

Amu Aigami

“Don’t skimp on praise for me, I deserve it!”

Birthday: November 11. 23 years old. Blood type: B.
Novelty cafe employee at Akihabara. Thirsty for attention, loves to be spoiled. Absolutely loves herself.

Meigetsuin Kokoro

“Ever thought being alive was overrated?”

Birthday: June 21. 27 years old. Blood type: A.
Store clerk.
Polite, intelligent and usually optimistic, but hides past trauma.

Kurumi Komori


Birthday: July 22. 21 years old. Blood type: B.
A doll-maker employed by a big business.
Comes off as willful. Not a great communicator.

Toru Sumiki

“I’d like to connect with someone through my interests.”

25 years old. Blood type: AB
Hookah Haze’s temporary manager.
Has a tendency to give up on his own desires and put others before himself.
Loves hookah and fish tanks.

You can view official Hookah Haze screenshots via our gallery below:

You can view the game’s official website for additional information.

You can view the first trailer for Hookah Haze below:

We’ll keep you all updated on the eventual release of Hookah Haze.

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