Hood: Outlaws and Legends Reveals New Gameplay Trailer for the Hunter Class

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Reveals New Gameplay Trailer for the Hunter Class

Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive have revealed a new trailer for their upcoming PvPvE multiplayer heist game, Hood: Outlaws and Legends. This is the second video in its four-part character gameplay series.

This trailer has director Andrew Willans showcasing the Hunter in action.

The Hunter’s elusive nature cooperates with her quick takedowns, invisibility magic, and smoke grenades. She is a masterful menace in infiltration and assassination. She also wields a modified arm-mounted crossbow that can load up to three bolts at once for a deadly burst. All of these tools in her arsenal make her vastly lethal at close and mid-range.

The smoke grenades can cover sightlines and prevent the enemy from tagging teammates. This provides fellow teammates with a strong, tactical advantage.

Finally, the Hunter’s ultimate ability is Shroud.  This covers herself with a near-invisible sheen that’s completely undetectable by guards. By using Shroud, the Hunter can reach treasure vaults with ease, thanks to being so advantageous behind enemy lines.

You can view the trailer for the Hunter in Hood: Outlaws and Legends below:

Hood: Outlaws and Legends will be releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 10, 2021. Customers who pre-order the title will get exclusive early access on May 7, 2021, and the “Forest Lords” cosmetic pack for free, featuring unique outfits and weapon skins for your characters.

The title also currently has a Year 1 Edition available for pre-order, which includes three Battle Passes due to be released post-launch.

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