Honkai Star Rail Reveals New Features Coming to Version 2.0 in New Developer Radio

Honkai Star Rail Reveals New Features Coming to Version 2.0 in New Developer Radio

Via their HoYoLAB application, HoYoverse has released a brand-new Developer Radio for Honkai Star Rail. This new entry in the Voice of the Galaxy series of broadcasts dives into what features players can expect in the upcoming Version 2.0 of the game.

The first feature is the Quick Enhance feature. Players can now select the “Enhance to the Next Stage” option when automatically placing materials. This way, Retics can be rapidly enhanced to specific levels where new random stat entries are gained or increased. Furthermore, when salvaging 5-star Relics, Trailblazers will be given new choices. 5-star Relics can now be salvaged into Lost Gold Fragments or Relic Remains.

Next up, in the Version 1.6 update, a universal Path material, Tears of Dreams, will be added As a universal material. Tears of Dreams can be used to replace Path materials to activate Traces or ascend Light. Cones when the required Path materials are insufficient. Materials of different rarities require different amounts of Tears of Dreams. After the Version 1.6 update, players will be receiving some of these for free.

As more and more characters. More Path materials will also be added to the game. In Version 2.0 and subsequent updates, several Calyx (Crimson) stages will be successively added to places such as Penacony that allow the farming of Path materials. Future characters and certain new Light Cones will need new materials to activate Traces and ascend Light Cones. In addition, Calyx (Golden) stages will also drop materials that can be obtained through defeating regular enemies and will be added on stages across the Xianzhou Luofu and Penacony, allowing players to obtain the enemy drop materials that are dropped in those different maps.

Next, we have the new Orlay Crossroads system, where each Trailblaze Mission, Trailblaze Continuance, Companion Mission, and certain Adventure Missions will be presented as a tree diagram and organized based on their timeline and locations, making it more convenient to directly view, access each mission, and review the Trailblazer’s journey.

Lastly, after the Version 2.0 update, the Light Cone Manifest store within the Forgotten Hall will have a new hatch of Light Cones for purchase with Lucent Afterglow they have accumulated. Furthermore, the Relics set recommendation function can provide some guidance with Relic combinations.

Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG title with a journey through immense worlds of the unknown. The game features fantasy elements with myths and legends integrated into the space sci-fi story. Honkai: Star Rail can be downloaded from the official website, App Store, Google Play and from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 5.

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