Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5 Update Releasing Mid-November 2023; New Area & Playable Characters

During their Special Program, HoYoverse has announced the latest Version Update coming to Honkai Star Rail. Version 1.5, The Crepuscule Zone, will be coming to PC and mobile on November 15. This update will add a new area, new playable characters, as well as a plethora of new events for players to enjoy.

After solving different kinds of intergalactic conflicts, players will set foot in an uncharted and spooky area for the very first time. After the Creation Furnace Artisanship Commission was shattered, the heliobi trapped inside were able to escape and find refuge in the brand-new area Fyxestroll Garden, an area filled with yin energy and is littered with ancient suppression towers, stone monoliths, and gnarled trees.

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Joining the Trailblazer in this Version update are three new characters. The first of them is Huohuo, a trainee judge from the Ten-Lords Commission. She is a five-star Wind-Type character who follows the Path of Abundance. Her Basic Attack, Banner: Stormcaller deals Wind DMG to a single enemy. Her Skill, Talisman: Protection restores HP to an ally and any who are adjacent to them, and will apply the Sacrifical status, healing their HP at the start of their turn or when they use their Ultimate. And finally, her Ultimate ability, Tail: Spiritual Domination, will refill all of your allies’ Energy, and buff their Attack.

The second character works as a judge at the Ten-Lords Commission. Hanya is a Physical-Type character following the Path of Harmony, and she specializes in reading the karmic sins of the criminals and employs her Oracle Brush to determine their sins. Aside from dealing physical damage to a single target during battles, Hanya’s Skill can also afflict the target with a Burden state. When an ally executes a set amount of attacks on an enemy marked with Burden, they will not only deal increased damage to that enemy but also regain a Skill Point.

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Last, but not least, players will be able to recruit Argenti, a noble and admirable member of the Knights of Beauty. Argenti is a five-star Physical-Type character following the Path of Erudition and a devoted admirer of Idrila the Beauty. Treating and helping others with courtesy, and offering sincere praise to all, elegance is Argenti’s middle name and even manifests itself in his combat.

His Skill, Justice, Hereby Blooms, deals Physical DMG to all enemies. His main appeal is the Ultimate Skill, which can either use a little of his energy to trigger For In This Garden Supreme Beauty Bestows, dealing damage to all enemies, or spending extra Energy to trigger his Enhanced Ultimate: Merit Bestowed in “My” Garden, which inflicts Physical DMG to all enemies.

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Huohuo will make her debut in the first half of Version 1.5’s Warp banners. Argenti on the other hand, will debut on the second half of Version 1.5, with Hanya also available as a 4-star character in his banner. Furthermore, players who missed the opportunity to obtain Silver Wolf will be able to take advantage of her rerun banner, which will also feature Hanya as a rate-up.

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Players can also look forward to various exciting events, such as helping March 7th restore her cherished photographs to their original conditions. Furthermore, this Version Update will introduce some brand-new features. The first of them is the Guest Book feature, which allows players to check on the Astral Express’s guest book and call them.

Furthermore, new voice lines will be added to all of the playable characters, which will trigger when leveling up, ascending, or inserting them in a team. In the Memory Hall, players can now restart a challenge at any time, if you feel you’re not doing too well. Lastly, a Companion Mission for Argenti, titled Night of Universal Hallucinations will be added, alongside World 8 of the Simulated Universe.

Honkai: Star Rail can be downloaded from the official websiteApp Store and Google Play. Version 1.5 will be coming on November 15, 2023.

You can watch the Version 1.5 Trailer below:

You can watch the Special Program for Honkai Star Rail below:

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