Honkai Star Rail ‘Galactic Roaming’ Version Update Releasing Early June 2023

Developer HoYoverse has officially released the first ever Honkai Star Rail Special Program, the periodical program that brings the latest information regarding the first Version Update that will be coming to Honkai Star Rail. The update, titled Galactic Roaming, will be releasing on June 7, 2023, and will feature a slew of new features, updated gameplay features, time-limited events, and three new characters.

The first character to be added is Silver Wolf, a super genius hacker within the Stellaron Hunters, who is capable of easily breaking through any computer. She is a Quantum-Type character following the Path of Nihility and can apply different debuffs to enemies to improve her allies’ combat superiority. Her Technique skill also comes in handy as she is able to deal damage and reduce the enemy’s Toughness regardless of their Weakness. Furthermore, when she unleashes her Ultimate, Silver Wolf can reduce their defense.

honkai star rail silver wolf

Next, we have Luocha, a wandering merchant with an elegant look and a gentlemanly demeanor. He often seems suspicious because of the mysterious coffin he carries around all the time. He is an Imaginary-Type character following the Path of Abundance and a man with medical knowledge. His unique Skill guarantees “emergency healing” when any ally is in danger, and this Talent does not consume any Skill Point. His Ultimate skill, Death Wish, dispels one buff of all enemies and deals Imaginary damage on top of it.

honkai star rail luocha

Lastly, we have Yukong, who is the Sky-Faring Helm Master, the leader who oversees all matters relating to flight, including commerce, cargo, and passengers of Xianzhou Luofu. Similar to Luocha, she is an Imaginary-Type character but she instead follows the Path of Harmony. Her skill set centers around assisting companions. Her skill, Emboldening Salvo, grants all allies the Roaring Bowstrings status, which increases all allies’ Attack. Her Technique, Chasing the Wind, will increase movement speed in the overworld. Finally, her Ultimate, Diving Kestrel, deals Imaginary damage to all enemies, and increases the Critical damage and rate of all allies.

honkai star rail yukong

Silver Wolf will be available in the Contract Zero Character Event Warp, available in the first half of Version 1.1. Luocha on the other hand, will be coming in the Laic Pursuit Character Event Warp, available in the second half of the update. Yukong will also debut alongside Luocha’s warp.

honkai star rail museum event

Next, we have the main event of Version 1.1: Starhunt Game. In this event, Trailblazers receive an invite from Herta Space Station’s network security engineer, Leonard, assisting him to locate the electronic graffiti hidden across the station and uncover the secrets within. As part of the compensation, the graffiti designs can be collected and applied to the in-game surfaces.

Furthermore, in the city of Belobog, where citizens have finally been saved from the threat of Stellaron, the History Museum is getting ready to be reopened, but their exhibits suddenly get stolen. But in the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event, the Trailblazer will spare no effort to track down clues, recover the lost exhibits, and run the business as the appointed museum manager.

star rail starhunt game event

Lastly, a series of trials will be added through Stellar Flare, Garden of Plenty, and Lab Assistants in Position, some of which will put the combat techniques and the strategic thinking of the Trailblazer to the test, while providing bountiful rewards, including Stellar Jade. Meanwhile, three new Companion Missions provide opportunities to gain some in-depth stories of these intriguing characters. Furthermore, some useful features will be implemented as well, such as the friend chat and automatic enemy pinpointing.

Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG title with a journey through immense worlds of the unknown. The game features fantasy elements with myths and legends integrated into the space sci-fi story. Combined with the intuitive turn-based combat system, large maps with maze exploration and immersive storylines that together compose an interstellar melody filled with surprises and rewarding experiences that echo throughout the universe!

Implanted with a Stellaron, the protagonist bravely sets sail for the galaxy to drill down to the truth revolving around the so-called Cancer of All Worlds. Players will be able to experience a vast universe abundant in distinctive cultures, landscapes, and scenery. From the Herta Space Station, where the knowledge reserve of the universe and the forthcoming journey has been granted, to Jarilo-VI, where numerous dangers and conflicts are frozen beneath the snow, to Xianzhou Luofu, the silkpunk flagship infused with eastern fantasy where development and dispute are focusing on the topic of immortality.

Honkai: Star Rail can be downloaded from the official websiteApp Store and Google Play. A PlayStation version will be coming soon. In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.

You can watch the Special Program here:

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