Hong Meiling Joins the Early Access Cast of Valkyrie of Phantasm

Hong Meiling Joins the Early Access Cast of Valkyrie of Phantasm

Playism announced that an update is available now for the Areazero-developed Touhou 3D action game Valkyrie of Phantasm, currently in Steam Early Access.

The publisher announced that Hong Meiling is now available to play in all game modes. Now, the Early Access game has an additional 3 story episodes for 3 characters, including Meiling, available in Story Mode.

In Valkyrie of Phantasm, a meteorite crash into Gensokyo sets off a series of mysterious events. From the meteorite, which appears like a metallic egg, small particles of light scatter across the land, reaching the most powerful residents. One of these lights finds Reimu Hakurei and transforms into a suit of armor around her, known as “Valkyrie Arms.” This event triggers an incident, prompting Reimu, now feeling lighter and faster than ever, to investigate the source of this newfound power.

As she soars through the skies with her Valkyrie Arms, enhancing her speed, Reimu encounters another girl similarly equipped with Valkyrie Arms. Realizing they both possess the same power, they understand what must follow—a high-speed danmaku battle. This confrontation is just the beginning of an adventure to uncover the reason behind these mysterious powers and who granted them.

Valkyrie of Phantasm features a game system with basic actions like close-range melee attacks, shooting bullets with rapid-fire options, casting powerful bullet-pattern spells, quick evasions, high-speed mid-flight dashes, and guarding against attacks with barriers. Special actions include Accel Drive, which temporarily powers up the player, boosting movement and attack power, and is dependent on the charges in the Drive Gauge. The game also introduces unique attacks and maneuvers like Accel Drive Spell, Ultimate Spell, Charged Melee Attack, Rush Attack, Side Attack, Backstep Attack, Boost Dash Attack, and Step Cancel, allowing for dynamic combat strategies. The early access version supports 1-2 players, with multiplayer requiring online play, and future updates are planned to add 4-player battles, expanding the scope of multiplayer engagement.

You can watch the trailer below:

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