Liquid Visual Novel ‘Holy Maid Academy’ Announced by Shiravune

Publisher Shiravune announced they’ll be responsible for the English and Chinese release of Saint Dorei Gakuen. The classic Liquid visual novel will be available on Steam as Holy Maid Academy and on Johren as Holy Slave Academy, which includes the 18+ content of the game. According to the Steam page, it’s planned for a release in the first quarter of 2024.

Holy Slave Academy tells the story of Ryunosuke Kokuto, a new teacher in St. Martius Academy. Unlike other teaching institutions, the place has always had a very peculiar topic: the girls studying there are meant to become sex slaves and receive their training there.

As a new teacher there, Ryunosuke will have to help them get more intimate with the depraved situations they’ll have to face afterwards. His methods are likely to be questionable but no one will get in his way, it seems.

The main cast includes:

  • the older and delicate twin Sakura Hatoba (voice: Kazane);
  • the cheerful and sports-driven twin Fujine Hatoba (voice: Miya Serizono);
  • the prideful princess-like third-year Wakako Suo (voice: Aoi Kozuki);
  • the aloof first-year Miyu Tokiwa (voice: Mari Oda);
  • the Scandinavian assistant teacher Henrika Mori (voice: Mikoto Kisaragi);
  • Henrika’s daughter with the chairman, the innocent Rin Mori (voice: Soyogi Tohno).

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Shiravune announces more information on the game and their next projects.

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