Holostars EN Announce ‘Doppelganger’ Visual Novel in Development for PC

Hololive Production announced they will publish a Doppelganger visual novel on PC via itch.io. While a release date isn’t set, a few details about the game have been released.

The doppelganger characters are based on the six members of TEMPUS: Demon King, Exiled Prince, Showman, Abandoned Automaton, Karasu Demon, and Huntsman. The publisher adds, “They may each take the form of the Tempus members, but their personalities are twisted, and their motivations are suspicious.”

Created by the Holostars EN developers, Doppelganger is a visual novel that unfolds within a parallel realm. Within this alternate universe, players grapple with their recollections of TEMPUS and the enigmatic doppelgangers who incessantly lead them astray. Can players decipher the enigma of this distorted reality and find their way back to the guild?

The game will feature English language support with six character routes and a true ending. There are seven CGs within the game, along with original character designs and art by Hakuseki.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Doppelganger.

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