Everything We Learned From the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play

Today, we got an in-depth look at Hogwarts Legacy through PlayStation’s State of Play presentation. Fans of the franchise have hotly anticipated the Harry Potter/Wizarding World game for some time, and we finally got quite a bit of information on just what the open world AAA RPG will be like.

The presentation opened with a preview of various mythical creatures that players will encounter, like centaurs and trolls.

Your witch or wizard is highly customizable, and the game starts with you getting sorted into a House. Then, you start classes as a fifth-year student, learning everything from Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts to Herbology and Potions. Your character works with the enigmatic Professor Fig to learn about a possible goblin uprising and a dangerous forgotten magic that is re-emerging. The main enemies throughout the game are magical creatures, goblins, and Dark Wizards.

You can explore Hogwarts to find secrets all around the school too. You can even explore outside of Hogwarts in vaults and dungeons, filled with danger and spoils.

There are all sorts of spells to learn, from stunning charms to defensive spells for protection. Your character can use spells together to make combos, followed by impressive finishers. In addition, you can upgrade your character’s stats and choose specific talents to improve. You can also loot, find, and create your own gear, which allows for greater abilities depending on your playstyle.

Outside of spells, through classes, you can make handy potions and use magical plants and creatures to hold back foes. You even get to freely fly around on a broom to get places faster, as well as just for fun.

Befriending students and developing relationships with them can grant you new abilities as you learn more about them and their stories. Hogwarts Legacy lets you make the Room of Requirement into your own base and keep your own magical creatures. Plus, there are dynamic seasons and climates as the year goes on in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is set to release this Holiday season. You can check out the full State of Play below for all the details.

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