Social Deduction Cooking Game ‘Hodgepodge Hunch’ Now Available on PC and Switch

Developer uracon and publisher Waku Waku Games have released Hodgepodge Hunch on PC (Steam) and Switch today. The game was part of the Indie World Japanese presentation but it is available worldwide with English, Korean and Japanese subtitles.

Hodgepodge Hunch is a unique combination of social deduction and fantasy cooking simulator. Players must work together to make a delicious feast, but there’s a traitor among them trying to get in the way of their efforts. Their goal is putting forbidden ingredients in the pot in a way the other staff members don’t notice.

Players will have to explore and find ingredients in dungeons, then use them to make the food. Besides putting forbidden items on the pot, the “Spy” can also spread rumors so the staff suspects one another. During production, the staff members can ban a player to reduce their impact on the final product.

While Hodgepodge Hunch’s experience is focused on enjoying it online in teams of up to 4 people, the game also includes a solo mode. If the player can’t make a full group, they can also play with CPUs besides the human players.

Check out the trailer revealed during the Indie World JP Showcase:

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